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Slot Machines


-Fruit Cocktail
-Fruit Cocktail 2
-Multi Fish
-Sweet Life
-Sweet Life2
-Pirate 2
-Island 2
-Crazy Monkey
-Lucky Hunter
-Rock Climber

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Hello, Dan!I really like the idea of uiniiztlg Skype to interview someone who lived through a historical event and/or can add value to a topic of study. However, after reflecting on the post for a moment I had a vision which I must share.(Disclaimer .the following thought I am about to share is not something I wish to ever become a reality but simply a capability which is possible with the use of Skype.)With art programs being cut in many school systems, I can envision music being taught within the classroom via Skype (large TV with webcam). Children would still get the experience (though not as robust) of music fundamentals and budgets could be saved by sharing music teachers with multiple schools. The conference calling feature, available within Skype, means multiple classes can be taught simultaneously. Again the capabilities are available, though I am sure not the best resolution.

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